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Inspired Education is one of the world's largest and most innovative school groups. ACG Queenstown is proud to be one of the group’s more than 110 premium schools that, in combination, teach over 80,000 students across more than 24 countries. 

Each school offers academic excellence to students aged 1 to 18 who live and study in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Latin America. Inspired offers a valuable, relevant, holistic learning experience through the effective, modern learning and teaching methods delivered by the Group's leading experts.

A Definitive Statement of Excellence

Inspired schools perform highly in league table rankings worldwide. Students not only attain globally-recognised, high-quality qualifications, but they also proceed to the most prestigious universities in New Zealand, Europe, the US and the UK to continue their studies. As a result of their premium education, they gain lifelong connections and foundational key skills. They are also well-equipped with a unique set of abilities that help them fulfil their ambitions. 

As a co-educational, independent group, Inspired and ACG Queenstown aim to help students achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive academic environment. Promoting a holistic educational experience, we believe in empowering students with the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs they require to embrace the challenges of their future. We focus on identifying and developing the individuality and talents of all students, building their confidence, and equipping them to take on the world with the skills and self-assurance to ensure success.

A New Standard in Private Education

Inspired sets a new standard in premium private education by ensuring hand-picked teachers and a dedication to excellence are commonplace in every school. Our school helps students establish a range of skills and competencies across a spectrum of disciplines through student-centred learning approaches, access to innovative technology, co-curricular activities and world-recognised curriculums.

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International Collaboration and Student Exchanges

At Inspired schools, students benefit from collaboration with other education providers within the Inspired group. International student exchanges in Europe, sports tournaments with schools in Vietnam, overseas summer camps in Milan, Switzerland, and multiple other exciting destinations, provide meaningful opportunities for development by encouraging language and social skills to thrive. Studying at an Inspired school expands our students' horizons, builds their understanding of global practices and encourages them to excel as future leaders of an evolving world.

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The Three Pillars of Inspired Education

Inspired students benefit from being anchored in their local communities while sharing a global outlook. They gain a relevant, holistic and broad-ranging education, and are encouraged to continue developing their unique talents and gifts during exciting clubs. 

Our school aims to offer children an education that extends their prospects across every area. Inspired's Three Pillars Approach is a core element of the framework at ACG Queenstown, encouraging access to innovative, challenging and enriching academic practices, performing arts pursuits and sports opportunities to ensure children experience a rounded education while developing a wide range of talents.




Performing & Creative Arts



Inspired Schools Across the World

United Kingdom

London Fulham School
Wokingham Reddam House Berkshire
London Wetherby School Notting Hill
London Wetherby School Kensington 
London Wetherby Preparatory School 
London Wetherby Senior School 
London Wetherby Pembridge Minors, Holland Park 
London Pembridge Hall School 
London Chepstow House School 
London St. Anthony's School for Boys 
London Ivy House School 
Tonbridge Hilden Grange School 
London Wetherby Pembridge Minors, Notting Hill 
Coventry Davenport Lodge Nursery 
London Falcons School 
London Portland Place 


Montreux St. George's International School
Ticino International School of Ticino


Ibiza Colegio Mestral
Barcelona La Miranda
Alicante King’s College, Alicante
Murcia King’s College, Murcia
Cádiz Sotogrande International School
Madrid Colegio San Patricio El Soto
Colegio San Patricio La Moraleja
Colegio San Patricio Serrano
King’s College (Soto)
King’s College School (La Moraleja)
King’s Infant School (Chamartin)
Mirabal International School
Kensington School
Toledo International School San Patricio Toledo


Lisbon PaRK International School Alfragide
PaRK International School Praca de Espanha
PaRK International School Restelo
King's College School Cascais
Palmela St. Peter’s International School


Bergamo International School of Bergamo
Milan International School of Milan
ISE Kiddy English
St. Louis Colonna
St. Louis Caviglia
St. Louis Archinto
Modena International School of Modena
Monza International School of Monza
Siena International School of Siena
Como International School of Como


Brussels St. John's International School


Riga King’s College, Latvia


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