Centre Hours

7.30am to 5.30pm.


Minimum Enrolment

Two sessions a week of at least 3 hours each are required.


20 Hours ECE Subsidy

Is available for children on their 3rd birthday and is for a maximum of 20 hours per week and 6 hours per day. Parents must complete and sign an Attestation Form to confirm the 20 hours ECE their child will receive at Queenstown and any other childhood service their child attends. This form needs to be updated and signed when any changes in childcare arrangements affect the 20 hours ECE. For Queenstown to receive this funding your child must attend for their booked hours each day. If a child is absent for a period of up to 3 continuous weeks, the Ministry will continue to fund Queenstown for 20 hours ECE while the child is away.


Booked Hours

All booked hours must be paid for unless they fall on a Statutory Holiday or if the Centre is closed.


The Centre is closed on Statutory Holidays and charges no fees on these days. The Centre will be open for the days between Christmas and New Year.

Enrolment Fee

A non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $40 is payable upon enrolment. This fee covers administrative costs including the Portfolio system – Educa, an Individual Journey of Learning Folder for your child, a lunch box, Zoo sunhat and purchase of your child’s bedding and scarf etc.


Each child has 3 free sick days per year, after this you can choose to use holidays or pay full fees.


Each child can have a maximum of 3 weeks (15 days) holiday @ 50% fees. The 50% fees are charged to hold your child’s space. After the 3 weeks of holiday are taken, full fees will apply.

Late Pick up Fee

If a child is collected past 5.30pm, a ‘Late Fee’ will apply. $20 if pick up is up to 20 minutes late, $30 if late by 20-30 minutes, or full day rate if pick up occurs after 30 minutes. It is a Ministry of Education Licencing requirement that 2 teachers need to be in the Centre whilst children are in the building. The late fee ensures that the teachers who have had to staff late are paid.

Changing and Adding Bookings

You are welcome to discuss or email any changes of bookings, adding of bookings or swapping of days. We can usually cater for this.

Work and Income (WINZ) Childcare Subsidy

Where applicable parents can access WINZ subsidies to supplement payment of fees. WINZ Childcare Subsidy forms are available from your nearest WINZ office. We will complete the relevant page confirming hours booked and cost. It is a WINZ requirement that you, the parent, keep them notified about your child’s attendance and comply with their terms and conditions, especially for any absences of more than 3 weeks’ duration and changes of bookings. Please bring your annual Childcare Subsidy Verification Form to our office for signing as soon as it is received, and then return it to the WINZ office promptly to ensure continuity of your subsidy. This is very important as WINZ will not back-date applications and you would be required to pay Queenstown full fees.

Leaving Queenstown

Two weeks’ notice is required if you decide to withdraw your child from Queenstown.

Fee Payment Policy

Invoices are emailed out at the beginning of each week for the previous week. Payment is due by Friday of that week. If the child’s account is two weeks in arrears, parents will be approached and asked for a commitment to an agreed method of payment. A Late Payment fee of 10% of the outstanding fees will be added to all accounts that are overdue by one month. Queenstown reserves the right to follow usual methods of debt recovery. All debt collection fees will be passed on to the parent.

Fee payment options are internet banking, eftpos or credit card.
Payments by electronic funds transfer are to be made to the following accounts:

Account name:  ACG Early Childhood Education Group Ltd

Copper Beech:   03 0104 0150564 01

Henry Street:     03 0104 0150564 02

In ‘Particulars’ please write your child’s account number, in ‘Code’ please write your child’s first name, in ‘Reference’ please write your child’s last name. Please see the Manager if you need further explanation of this process.

Fee Reviews

Fees are subject to change and are generally reviewed annually.